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American Curl cats

We have great cats in our cattery that give us beautiful American Curl kittens.

It*Titans Dynasty Grizzly Teddy Bear


Color: ACLа 21 33 /BLUE TABBY POINT.

Date of Birth: 05/09/2021.

Father: Curlpassion Pegase.

Mother: IT*Titans Dynasty Evita.

Beeder: Schiavon Alessio,Tonello Cristian.

Owner: Valentina Shefer.

Fashion Lion's Happy


A cat from a friendly cattery from which the love for Americans Curls.
Many thanks to Svetlana Fetkulova, owner of the “Jolly Family’s” kennel.
To raise beautiful and healthy kittens, the breeding program of the cattery uses the best producers of American Curls.

Color: ACL as 22.

Date of Birth: 17.06.2013.

Father: IN – Jan’s Chicco D’oro.

Mother: Ch.Fashion Lion’s Dreamka.

Title: Champion FeLV,FIV negativ.

Owner: Svetlana Fetkulova.

American Curl cats

Alaska von Curlprime

Alaska von Curlprime

Alaska – a cat that was born in our cattery. This is our star. She shows and has a great show temperament. She is affectionate, friendly and very inquisitive.

Color: ACL bs 0933 (chocolate tortie smoke point/white).

Date of Birth: 12.10.2021.

Breeder: Valentina Shefer.

Owner: Valentina Shefer.

Jolly Family's​ E*Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine is our favorite from Sochi. No wonder she was called Princess Jasmine. This is a very affectionate, kind and inquisitive cat. She is carefree, cheerful, playful and cheerful. Everywhere and everywhere she wants to be the first, she is aware of all the events, which is sometimes discouraging.

Color: ACL fs 09 33 (Black tortie point with white).

Date of Birth: 01.03.2018.

Titles: Champion( WCF ).

Breeder: Svetlana Fetkulova.

Owner: Valentina Shefer.

Chelsea Volgastyle

Chelsea Volgastyle


Color: White with green eyes.

Date of Birth: 24.07.2021.

Titles: .

Parents: Freestyle Stefan Exclusive Cats / Romance Volgastyle.

Owner: Valentina Shefer.





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