Buy an American Curl kitten

котята Американского Керла
American Curls are amazing cats. Large, good-natured, attached to the owners. For Germany, the American Curl breed is still considered rare, but if you want to become a happy owner of an American Curl kitten – contact us!
  • We only sell kittens with ICF pedigree;
  • We sell American Curl kittens only under a sales contract;
  • We castrate and sterilize pet kittens before selling them;
  • We do not sell kittens under 12 weeks old.
All our kittens are fully vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped at the time of sale. You can find the detailed conditions for the sale of American Curl kittens in our cattery here.

How to buy an American Curl kitten in our cattery

Information about the reserve and status of ragdoll kittens: Available – a kitten can be reserved! Reserve – a prepayment has already been made for the kitten. In very rare cases, it can be released, but this also happens. Under the supervision of the cattery – the breeder is currently observing the development of the kitten. The kitten is not for sale and is not reserved. Remains in the cattery – the kitten continues breeding work in the cattery.

Rules for selling American Curl kittens in our cattery:

Dear site visitors and potential owners of our American Curl kittens! Please read the rules for purchasing kittens in our cattery! Our kittens are sold only by contract! (it is available upon request). To reserve a kitten, an amount of at least 30% of the total cost of the kitten is paid. After signing the contract and paying the partial cost of the kitten, the American Curl kitten is considered reserved, i.e. it is not available for booking by other potential owners. The rest of the amount must be received by the seller at least 10 days before the kitten is received or before it is sent to a new home. Our American Curl cattery is located in Germany, but we can arrange delivery of a kitten to any country in the world and, moreover, to any city in Germany. Delivery is paid by the buyer and depends on the distance and method of transportation. All American Curl kittens that have the status of ”pet” go to a new home neutered, this is the rule of the cattery and it is not discussed! All kittens are vaccinated by age, microchipped and have a full package of documents (contract of sale, act of acceptance and transfer of a kitten, pedigree and international veterinary passport). Kittens are ready to go to a new home at the age of 4 months, by this time they are already accustomed to the tray and everything necessary, vaccinated and microchipped. If you are in Germany, you can come and see the kittens or you can choose a kitten by photo and video – we do photo shoots. We shoot the American Curl kitten from different angles so that you can better see it. For any of your requests, we can communicate via video communication. And one more thing, dear potential buyers! Before buying a pet, please make sure that you are not allergic to cat hair.

Our American Curl kittens