American Curl cats, Germany.

American Curl kennel "von Curlprime".


My name is Shefer Valentina. I am the owner of a mono-pedigree American Curl “von Curlprime” cattery in Paderborn (Germany).

I am glad to welcome you on our site!

We have a small cattery and we have the opportunity to pay enough attention to each of our pets! All our pets live with us in a large and spacious apartment, where there is more than enough space. The main goal of our breeding work is healthy, beautiful and socialized animals that fully comply with the American Curl breed standard. All our American Curl kittens leave the cattery at the age of not earlier than 12 weeks, when all vaccinations have already been done, parasites have been prevented. Each kitten has at this moment all the necessary documents, a chip, a veterinary passport, an agreement on the transfer of a kitten to a new owner. I, as the owner of the American Curl kennel, try to learn everything new about the breed, and also expand my knowledge by attending exhibitions, various courses and seminars.

The producers of our cattery are tested for viral and genetic diseases.

Our American Curl kennel ''von Curlprime'' is located in the beautiful and ancient town of Paderborn in NRW. Germany.

We are registered in the felinological system of the International Cat Federation e.V. (Germany).

A little about the nature of curls

The American Curl is a breed of affectionate companion cats with backward-curled ears, bred in the United States in the 1980s. American Curls are pets with a fine mental organization that love people more than other cats. They are unobtrusive and do not make deafening “oratorios” if they are hungry or disagree with something. The breed is distinguished by a high level of intelligence and trainability (as far as a cat can be trained at all). American Curls have a peaceful disposition that helps them share a home with other cats and even dogs. In addition, they are very supportive of children. Curl’s playful paws masterfully open kitchen cabinets and press door latches until they switch to the desired position for the cat. Adult kitties retain playfulness and childish spontaneity into old age, for which they are called cats with the character of Peter Pan.


The genetic mutation responsible for the shape and position of the ear cartilage does not adversely affect animal health. Moreover, American Curls have unexpectedly strong immunity for purebred cats.
кошка Princess Jasmine
Кошки породы Американский Керл

American curl

pets with a fine mental organization, loving people more, than other cats.
von Curlprim

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